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I've seen folks in every city that resemble my closest friends
Stumbling strangers in tree-blossom openings wandering

Aimlessly or not, amidst simply chillin' and the over-looming strength of systems clicking in unison at various humans

Loose and lugubrious as they fashion craftsmen to fashion nooses
When either perspective is known to merely exist only when you choose to view it

But don't you dare forget

It remains active even when the game is off and burdens the virtuous through sociological tutelage invoking choosing "Whose 'who's' is this?" To permanently screw onto the lid

In Portland, I was sent to view the city scape's saviors behaviors from a silent ledge surrounded by greenery while climbing down the mountain path that lends my persona to a vagrant stare

Bare my face to the wind that nearly blows the cap off my lid

Ink jettisons perpetually from the straggler-squid's residence
Present my findings to the public with a stomach full of zeal and zest through stoney, depression-ridden debts
Riddled with clueless-riddles based purely on dusting off the family crest

Open my old toy chest and find the costume called "A Synonym for Nostalgia" and call your mom when your mind stops racing
Or when your heart starts to get sweet on a tart taste of living

Simply swooning off the Henny as I'm skating down Tybrisa
Bend me towards the sunset as I climb the highest peaks and take a piss off the balcony while telling tourists to piss off from the balcony
Swirl another swig for your deceased

It's hard for me not to believe the amount of kindness you'd receive from my kind of love would certainly be the death of me with added haste & actuality

But it seems to be the life I want to lead, & if that's the way it has to be, then I supposed that's how I'd want to leave.

Past, present, or future
Please promise me you'll get home safely

Rest In Peace


from m00kie, released June 30, 2017
Produced by sp00ks.


all rights reserved



cunabear Savannah, Georgia

Patron Saint of Patron Saints.

Jazzy, lascivious, psychedelic rap.

EPK: beartoothcollective.wixsite.com/cunabear

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