Summoning Spells For The Emotionally Impaired

from by cunabear

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Your boy ain't much more than magic, scruff, and fairy dust
More or less at the same expense it doesn't amount to spending much
I grew these bones myself and birthed my voice a more meaningful gruff

Find me in a haze
Normal more on warm and rainy days
Keep the 404 tucked away in my sleeve
Aesop' garments add plus 10 to my steeze
One puff and my weights lighter than trees
Two puffs and my high is higher yet, please

Count your victories and tailor me a gentleman's suit in seafoam green
With accents in a sexy pink and a kodiak mink to match, whatchu think?
I stray from bitches when their visions are bink
Cuna just a poet and that's all he lets them think
When they finally get to witness first hand my second form

A holy light burns doors down
Demolish your stuck-in-this-small-town syndrome
Clowns well read, red and rounded while tramps scamper 'round the tourists
Burn the witches at the entrance to the forest so the poorest farmers don't ignore it

Get me off this fucking island
Find the truth a mind read around the world's that scroll across my eyelids
I'm reside on an elevated astral plane
They pay to watch me demonstrate exactly how I levitate

Calling all members of the council
Safety Meeting and News Announcements
We're approaching the end of this chapter
Calculate for unknown factors
I'm on the brink of space and time
Or somewhere online losing my mind to the instant gratification
Taste all my vices at once and begrudgingly embrace them when it seem's no paths adjacent are worth apply patience


from m00kie, released June 30, 2017


all rights reserved



cunabear Savannah, Georgia

Patron Saint of Patron Saints.

Jazzy, lascivious, psychedelic rap.


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