Girl Scout Cookies

from by cunabear

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Superb Super-Cuts in the kitchen
A bounty on that ego gives me something to believe in
I'll hold a giant by the frilly pink leash then
Mince your meat for free
Plebeians applied beef gratuitously to tacos for the weekday morning feeding bins

Glorious they called the boy
Boisterous they called the noise
Let your soul take this maybe fill the void
Tiny Tim playing with big boy toys

Faded and facing away from the hatred
Adjust my placement on the playhouse placemat
Shaped like the greatest
Kingdom adjacent
Imported my royal ring finger from that foreign comfort sanction

Fending off the munchies
In a snuggie
Eatin' Pollo
Month to month I'm bumpin uglies with a stranger from the North Beach
Burn one in the name of Mononoke
Praise be to Ghibli
Show me what the symbols mean

I'm flying higher than a stoner full of helium
Better prophet than a medium
Acrylics are the medium
Fuck your ears up better than your favorite lover thinks he does
I'll banish demons from this seedy club with an ounce of love
Curb stomp 'em into ash and dust
Never catch me smoking seedy buds bud
Stomach vile plumes of grub
Smuggle ideas more than drugs
Build empires out of IKEA broken parts
That's all before I release the doves

Break my bones
Before the dial tone
Express my muffled moans
Behold my rusty soul
I increase my life 10 fold once all my homies homes are sold for yellow bricks and fool's gold

Upon preparing for the rough voyage we stocked the cabins with our spoils,
Drugs and women and all-natural coconut oils
Hoist the sails
I spy a maelstrom about a quarter mile out
Best advised we take a different route

Swimming solo dolo through this rollout
Pulled muscles from not pulling out on the couch
I'm pouncing bitches from a crouched position
Pinned on the ground to flex you into submission
And that's after receiving your carefully sought out permission

Color-coded yokels gather in droves to the center of the mechanism

The plateau of local knowledge has begun to spill his boat-full of boastful pseudoscience and begs for your calm compliance
Hi miss

My name is potential energy
(I erupt into every socket and turn the lights on temporarily)

Absorption of the culture to share and grow my sacred powers rapidly
(Uncannily similar to certain positive attributes of anarchy despite acting out revolutions casually)

From atop this crooked lighthouse all I see are foreign faces
Dilapidated spirits pilot mechas with savagery and vengeance towards the kaiju that approach the city from a distance with no mission
But I ain't bitchin'

Across the streets beneath me are the scattered pieces of my main thesis
Trust no nigga but pull on no trigger
Spread much love, baked as fuck from eating girl-scout cookies baked with girl-scout cookies for fun

I consistently exhibit hard-earned, life-long love
The title is 'm00kie' and The Code named him 'cuna'


from m00kie, released June 30, 2017


all rights reserved



cunabear Savannah, Georgia

Patron Saint of Patron Saints.

Jazzy, lascivious, psychedelic rap.


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