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Here holds the candle in the darkest storm
(Shaking hands with shadow forms)
Picking morsels from the cabbage patch and writing messages with their guts in reverse cuneiform

Absorbing livestream from the crooked course we've plotted
(Pray the arrival of an angel holds back the fear until we find a way to spot and stop it)

Time won't stop for the mirror within you
(Reflection in clear view)
Contortionists pick portions of poison to pour into the cauldron while the witches hunt for corporeal signs of the afterlife intermingling with survival

Bahamut from the oceans like a rapper from an artist
Perspective enlarged but the ploy remains honest

Gather all your promises
Show valkyries where valor lives
Teach a demon with a bonesaw to snap its flattened jaws at the one who holds the highest hand of cards

When you regain all that strength
(I'll lay you)

Fish-filleted and flat on your ass while I whip my whip around the stars rotation

(Trail blazing through the word amazement like a global cruiser to the pavement)

I'm holding medusa's head and can feel my hands grow colder with each soul those eyes inhale like a visual acid trip dripping sand into the water pail
Stepping on the aid who provides the serum that's caused all my ailments

(Break a fist over an enemy and break bread with the same hand
Then shiver your glands in prayer for grace to save the sanctity of an apology

Regardless of the level of your actions committed restitution is realized through apathy and a slap on the hand)

I burrowed deep into the stomachs of a thousand hungry heads and fed the nucleus of all the dopest shit ever like the Blob before me

Bred to breathe and excel as I exhale fumes of homegrown and self-fueled potent dope shit
(Like I just fuckin told you!)

7 cats and a cat in unnatural habitat
Picking cabin fever one by one as the town floods like sp00ks predicted
Wielding chainsaws in the kitchen

(Cooking rations up to get sick of speaking the Devils name in honor of cash flow)

Let Lazarus guide a nigga on how to remain hazardous while peaceful on the surface of little earth

Perched above my kind but below humanity
Humbled to have seen the giants that tremble earth with their feet


from BadFurDay, released November 7, 2016
Produced by Costa of MMA.


all rights reserved



cunabear Savannah, Georgia

Patron Saint of Patron Saints.

Jazzy, lascivious, psychedelic rap.


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