Bear, Himself

from by cunabear

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I smoke two blunts to the face before I fly off to save the day
For no man does Time wait
But Tom weighs weights on these toms so the rolls sound great when the pads play

Carve a new Nile with apathy towards the swan songs these ugly geese sing
Praise be the dragon slayer whose bounty you bring
I ring the New Year in without my homies

20 fish for every 2 men in need of feeding so don't say I never gave a
fuck for your feelings
but nigga
fuck both your feelings

I'm ill, sickly & prepared for the reeling
Layered thick and falsely accused and assumingely peeling back when the people make contact

My twisted kinks pour royal blood down the kitchen sink
Before you blink I can alter how the offerings speak before they find Valhalla
Bet a bigger dollar
Better pop my collar for the ladies and hope it still swings when the crowd's still stu-stu-stuttering
Imagine how the world made of moonsand would feel from 20,000 leagues under me

It seems the wheels don't crank no further

Giants made men to carry off the bigger burden of knowing

Bear himself known to bare himself upon the stage with plastic wealth
Got a million extra hands to help
and a million dollars never felt so ruthlessly important in the eyes of the shred-or-die conveyor belt
That's live my own life
That's live or let die
Let sleeping bears lie
Spread love, no lies

Matthew was my title when they raised me up
A minuscule raisin dried tired and bakin' in the sun
Hailed by some as the chosen one
But that's an offer I can't speak through
My intentions are plain and see-through
My maneuvers are mad lethal
My freedom in need of a sequel
Tired of breaking the locks and finding no substance behind the keyhole
Teach me to cleanse evil with the same knife I use to cut my seafood

Grub on mushrooms for lunch in a mu-mu
Lookin like Count Dookie-Duku stepped in poo-poo with the new-news and fucked up the Pupu-Nunu pissin' off witch doctors with Voodoo powered by mad mojo, fruit-juice & unholy Juju

(It seems the wheels don't crank much further
Seems the wheels don't crank no further
Seems the wheels don't)


from m00kie, released June 30, 2017


all rights reserved



cunabear Savannah, Georgia

Patron Saint of Patron Saints.

Jazzy, lascivious, psychedelic rap.


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