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Life is porched-in and I scream through the screen obscenely demanding respect

I deflected
for a moment to reflect upon my flex and current state of happiness

hi internet
It's the psychonaughty point-dexter

Ladies love me as the slip in and don't dip or quit,
quick with the witty quips and stoner sticks pulling smoke tricks
better during sweater-weather, pink leather
wetter debt collector
and honeybee swooner,
but you can call me Cuna

Atlantis was a manic planet the whole time
A hoodie is a black man's casket and these days we're being drowned in bullets and buried dead or alive

OG Cuna Kush got a discount on my first wizard
Took it to the beach and smoked 9 logs of that OZ through strawberry swishers
Navigating traffic in the A' like highschool hallways
Soft spoken
loud waves
Samples saved to the sound bank
Aim high when the blunt sprays
Shoot blanks
don't strain or stress
We thriving and we blessed

And if we're not we're still something like it

Ultimately I strive to dismantle the crowd until a collapse is imminent and they have to reinvent the way they sleep eat and pray

May all my homies reign before heaven dips beneath the horizon at the end of a bad fur day
Bring honor to the pen
Stop treating rap like a game so I can earn some grub, learn some love and spread it with nothing less than a whisper

Always good when I get it
When I get it it's always good

Some days are shit and that's understood
Never swear on my family or my hood
No one leaves this life painless and that word is good
Breathe new fuel into the fire of life now, we chopping' wood

I've never seen such waves
The tide is changing day by day

Gnarly knaps and a knapsack with my stu brewin slaps claps and hi-hats
The past few years I've just been practicing my craft

Cat scratch till the walls spell drastic with your favorite words
Dog eat the cage when their barks aren't heard

I've got a painting in my pocket named equivalent exchange and I can't sell it till it's bought alongside the proper frame
Some say the price is high
I say the price is fame and that it's never been worth the problem of getting that dame to spread her legs like wildfires if it's only out of drunken shame
Took a piss upon the throne of unrequited love by any other name
If I can't hold you consciously then what's the fuckin point of fuckin with you just to fuck me, nah mean?

Got some troubles on my shoulder
When I shrug it's shaking mountains
Humans call him the Awkward Sea-Golem
They say he's solemn death and fortified with blessings from the Pride Lands
I could count down to the death of me with one hand holding up 2 fingers for the camera man


from BadFurDay, released November 7, 2016
Produced by P3ST.


all rights reserved



cunabear Savannah, Georgia

Patron Saint of Patron Saints.

Jazzy, lascivious, psychedelic rap.


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