by ( 'i's ) X cunabear

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  • Cassette + Digital Album

    Hand-Dubbed & Presented by BearTooth Collective.
    "tr0glodyte.BurialGround" w/ Alternate Artwork.

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Definition of hermit:

1 a :one that retires from society and lives in solitude especially for religious reasons

a narrative exploration of self-sustained & self-contained solitude.
a departure from knowing & all things known into nature & all things natural.

Is as big an Adventure
As to define


released November 20, 2017

BearTooth Collective presenting:
"tr0glodyte. Burial Ground" by ('i's) & cunabear.

Instrumentals produced by ( 'i's ).
Lyrics/Vocals written, recorded, & performed by cunabear.

Featuring vocals by Valore.
Executive produced by Chris McCormick.
Arranged by cunabear.

Recorded in the House Of Snoring Rappers.
All rights to their respective owners.


all rights reserved



cunabear Savannah, Georgia

Patron Saint of Patron Saints.

Jazzy, lascivious, psychedelic rap.


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Track Name: intro

I'm chillin' in the cut cause it's timeless
Wind up in the mechanisms underbelly
Eyes of the Shine
Pray at the shrine
Divine and tangible smelly skeleton man
Scourging the land as fast as you can

Describe to me with rigidity how similar you are to these mannequins at task managing

I collected all your affairs in a briefcase to be discreet and sent you inoperable to the business meeting
Gleaming gleefully at the very idea of dismantling your personal Pangea later this evening

Disrobe each construct one titty at a time
Lie about the lifeline unless the pig is fueled with sloppy dollar signs
I'll remain heavenly levels of high above the skyscrapers while hecklers scrape hellish city streets for a short liftoff

Track Name: luvd_collapse (feat. Valore)
And in the end, we were all just humans.. drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.
Track Name: sat in the rain for about 3hrs for some unknown reason
“sat in the rain for about 3hrs for some unknown reason”

Kings spend their lives surrounded in material gleam
Born and cursed by material beings
Buried eternal by material things
Resurrected as materials for being

Magicians & Charlatans break bread and dull blade ends over education of the unknowingly known

All the best super powers are negro-proof

Speak when you talk
You spillin' dribble on your bib and shaking hands
And serving plates
I glimly turn away while hiding a snide pouty face

Feels like I'm trampling through Midgar again
Searching for a church to lay my burdens down in
Nerdy skullkid ever searchin' for the Giga Homies in a 3 foot Materia-pool

Won't you baptize me?

Won't you baptize me?
On the blackest of nights when the king kills the fool
I'm drowning in industrial smog either way
If it doesn't kill me the smoke will just heal me up
So beam me up
I said I've had enough

Won’t you baptize me?

Snogging children losing interest in the foreplay by the fireplace
In that black lace
They wanna fade til the hairline's a myth
And bangarang until the next spliff is lit or a seizure hits
Stompin' out a roach quick
Watch the vitals violently squish
Administer sin to pull the pin and explode in endorphins

It's a cycle once trifle now porched in and domestic
I cradle the perfect weapon and sell intelligence to the dead-drone

I'd rather die than be lonely and I'm a lonely motherfucker

Posing naked for art is like posing naked, for art, and my arms are getting tired
Rusty pistons cant keep holding this position
I've got a deck of cards full of respawning Monster Reborn's
Casting thorns in your tender brush and those dead teeth

Stay reekin' steeper than a teabag of reekfish oils
Track Name: tentlife

In this nylon kingdom we smoke swisher sweets
I'm clamoring with a wizard's beak at the futile mountain Giants who shriek

Back like children speaking out of turn

Make em grab they own switches
Paddlin' their asses
Two for sass and two for flinching

Dig a ditch for your petty causes
And quarter your squires in the court for attempting to compromise the mission

It's clear that growth and expansion is the only point in exchanging coin for poignant points of view
In what other context would a fool consider a stranger's words to be the truth?

I took a blood oath where the oakflesh grow
That cold bath in the lifepool
Feel bold when denouncing balderdash

I preach to a choir of blind followers and deaf admirers too busy trying to draw break lines in my cypher than decipher this holy Thu'um of mine
First of his kind in this, any, and all lifetimes

Watch the sculptor adorn the sepulcher with many an ill scripture
Written in the time before time for all the times you lack a cure for all your
automated addictions
My state of being is attrition against a white man's operating systems

They attribute my destiny to no rest with no sleep
And no pay for 4 weeks
We plunder in secret while they sleep
And ponder the world within while attempting to break out
Track Name: untitled part 2
“untitled part 2”

Arctodus Simus

Wear hat pins like a gym badge
A player above all the riff raff
Inherited red tendencies and blue genes
Rarely speak to anyone
Caught exploring everything

Cuna here then gone
Rather right than wrong
Like the wind songs sing of old sins
Thrusted forth from the trash bin
Repurpose and reposition
Dish out soapy flows and scrubbing dishes

‪Y'all know I rap rites of spring right?‬
Lemme bless your whole shit with
This here Elixer Soup
You foul git, You
With a Holy Owls wit

‪Too many hippies spilling half-truth pseudospiritual juice on my white suede shoes‬
No substance in the peephole despite the correct key, yo
Track Name: melon

Sweet Smoke
Like anointment of the self in something temporal
Tapped into this time portal

Isolated into the cage you

Osmosis from within seeking answers on the outside to cure your temporary without
Clout clouds the crowd in a haze of toxicity
Enveloping your every achievement
Approaching the
And confused as to where else you thought you'd
Seen it

On the way up seent clowns on the way down sporting the same alpha's confident smile
White pure and perfect
Teeth meet pavement when relations become enslavement

And you probably forgot the juggernaut also swings
For you

Armed from your personal armoire of expedient experience
Applicate appropriately when the miasma is wrung from the sponge above this cityscape
On the days where you feel you simply can't relate
Sometimes it's better this way

Sometimes it’s...
Festers then falters off the skin in flakes
Sweep it a ways beneath me
Even divine beings manifest opposing beings
Just as the light that shines within is

Capable of two stones thrown

The question remains to say "Which way will you face today?"
the wind will do the same
blowing each toke of that.... Sweet Smoke

It's Matty Mayvin the Mystical
Here to provide these hatred-spewers with proper etiquette and principle
Money weed and fame aren't that fucking important, you imbecile
That's why there's always too much or not enough to go around

It comes in waves of active and dormant
Hide the spare key to a grander scale of importance beneath the door mat

No more woe is me's from the pulpit

To be a black man is a grand adventure
Most rpgs make you a social justice warrior so I was both born and bred to be the chosen one

You were just informed of my forces
Lead by the four horsemen we're confiscating all power sources and you gasped like children
Prodding the specimen from outside the containment glass
And only kissing Mother Nature's ass when those fed by your hand bite back during a preplanned sneak attack
And you can catch me cacklin at your whack asses again and again

I'm dreaming like Feeney that one day I'll raise the next set of chosen ones to succeed me

Cops these days
All bite
No bark
All rabies
Hogs killing dogs and hoisting all their bacon-babies to trade their slop for confiscated glocks and pop shots
Pop shots
Pop shots like
Grease burn marks on your tree bark
Track Name: zzzebra (got lazy with the title process)

I seen that troglodytes were buried in these woods homie
They built their own society
The black mages themselves live deep in this endless forest
The dwarves have never seen em
So it’s
Mostly traveler’s tales but I believe em

Fucking suckers catch a knuckleduster in the heat of summer for pushing too many buttons
Shoving unwanted functions into false assumptions about desires with enough gumption
To slump slumberers permanently

Crunch impossible numbers and adorning crimes with a cum-covered thumbprint
Lunch was lit
I lit up a whole grip trying to craft crazy shit with the witch-doctor’s kids
With one spell cunabear can light up the grid
Static shock to the system
Track Name: state of being
“state of being”

I’ve lost count of all these dreams of mine
Used to keep a tally down the spine
But these books need new bindings
Caught up in a bind
I pull the joint into my mind via the lungs

Via the tongue,
I observe the world and consider these pages a sacred haven

Divine culture taught me more about the self
I never knew I never knew I never knew

Stoners stare into their pillowcases searching for enlightenment until I ask “who’s enlightening?”
Frightening the non-believers

Summon spirit from the water temple to increase mental development of elemental bending techniques
Now to the bloodstream
Now to the lifestream
Now to the live-stream

Broadcasting my beliefs onto a green screen in a cinematic catastrophe
During which the actor playing me accomplished everything in life before the tender age of three

Clear some space out of my collective memories

Spill dreams on the canvas
Change hues, stance, and stanzas to fit blues and rhythm panoramas played backwards through your personal auditory Panama Canal

Cancelled to focus on simply being to be

Corralled into beauty by Time and Change
I await brave fragrances to aid my aimless olfactory senses towards a blissful cynics’ definition of “bittersweet living”
It’s bittersweet residing here, in this clearing

And I didn’t realize my weed-habits habitually lift me 50 feet until the water-levels rose to meet me

Move along slow and peacefully towards this spaceship’s trash chute opening and
Thrust me into nothingness to witness eternity’s every happening
Blink and realize you’re merely dreaming
Sleepers stay sleeping until the rapture itself disarms the snooze alarm and it’s harmful ways of thinking

I live and stand as a protest to god's only creative hand
He jerks off with the other
Mother Nature's a finicky bitch
Her selection is more often than not on some haphazardous shit
Angels in the outfield cause they can't pitch
Better off digging ditches for their busted brethren
Track Name: finding some sort of love
“finding some sort of love”

My time wasted, supremely defined as a 9-5
Can’t shake the weight

Guide me to this side of the Mindless River
Blind man
Hand in hand with competitors in fighting stances

One glance in the eye of the storm reminds you how calm life was when you were in love
With every other prospect from touch to drug across a sea of black lungs

Tongues crossed like a crucifix exhale pleasure and exuberance
Steak through the heart of hubris
Adorned with a hibiscus headdress

Her flower certainly shows off

One waft of the aroma exuded and my elusiveness is diluted
God DAMN I’m a blubbering fool for you still
Lack of strong will to do anything but chill here in the shadow of my greatest fear
Blink twice and you watch me disappear

Wandering the crossroads searching for the way home
And with dead doves hung on the door to the dungeon I calmly carry onward to dream of finding some sort of love

I’m out of luck
Lack of a soul

A time traveler
Out of place
Is the way to find your

(To find your self)

Lost mind control
System overload

Virus found
System overload

Losing power
System overload
Track Name: patterns


In this moment there is peace
Feast upon the now as if it’s all there ever was
All there ever is

Bathing in the patterns that scatter across this glitchy vision
Mass expansion of grey matter
Vitals like pistons
Blood in the system
Strength in the position
Ignition of the star’s heart is a blossoming universe at risk of riding in a hearse


As we speak human kind preserves it’s triumphs and atrocities in an online forum
Smuckers for the land after time as we know it

(Please remind me
Please remind me..)
Track Name: eye

Sleeping powder turns your nightlight louder
Shower in serenity and pour one for your homies
Then tip your hat and gloat slowly
Broke soldiers grow hearts coldly

Coast to coast, Cuna rocks a purple bumper boat
Never coat my soul in woven obsidian unless It’s absolutely needed
Oblivious to your goals if acquaintance feels like force-feeding

Fall in from the 540 rainbow down into a pot of coal
Trade gold with the spelunkers in the dungeons so we can get stoney before the function and munch on blueberry muffins

Rad with mad crafty abilities
Jumbled mumbles exactly like it seems
I can only display what I mean
Through a veil of awkward collage-based schemes
Kaleidoscope scope of the vision in things
Visionary accidentally redefining what community means

Impressive allegories,
Scaling many steep stories

I hold all paupers on a pedestal
Cause I’ve seen it

Out a blessing from your magic purse

I didn’t return to the hearse just to ride in the back
Rather carry that weight on my back through the Nether
I wade in shallow waters just to slip into coma weather
Whether or not what his holster bolsters is bold or effort

I rebel; therefore I exist
Finding confidence in the freedom
Call it treasures unmeasured
You can’t behold
All 3 eyes closed
To the folds
Of insanity
Track Name: behind the eyes of the image
“behind the eyes of the image”

Silly Skunkfaced Cosmonaught
Plug into your faulty socket
Arm your mind with conscious thought and learn to walk
Then learn to waltz

Enigmatic Dragon Born
Spread your death language
With vital scorn and poisoned horns
Or be mounted, slain, and worn

As if legacy could protect you from The Happenings of Life
I turned my strife in for this Max Revive

Used it on the begging man
Who died with kindness in his eyes
But never festered internal pride
From the lifelessness within his grasp

Living in the image of
Living in the image of
Living in the image of
The Image

If god was a woman I’d compliment her personality out of habits built to maintain the nature of my humble habitat

Stumbling on stilts
Provided a heightened sense of skill
Used to achieve a new view of the world on tilt

Imagine that!

We stand at the edge of a burial ground
The troglodytes before us christened this place holy with
One Sound
And swore through blood oath that we would follow a similar story
Return from whence we came
And export new Pokédex entries to the universe’s data storage

Return from whence we came